A z.com hosting review

I got a hosting package from Z.com, and wanted to check how WordPress can easily be installed on Z.com, and it was very easy to do . Within a few clicks after just filling up a form for the account details, in a few minutes my WordPress site was up and running on a subdomain. It’s really easy to use only took a while for me to create an account!

With their plans, you can host 30 wordpress sites using their service. The monthly cost right now is around 2 to 13 dollars. I’ve tried the Also, they offer advanced security features. Z.com’s WordPress is not the generic WordPress, they have secured it with their system that limits suspicious login attempts. It’s also possible to have IP address restrictions and you can install any additional plugins for securing your WordPress site.

When it comes to what the account offers, you’re allowed a number of databases to be setup using their panel. There’s no free domain or free ssl on the account I reviewed, but you can probably get a free .com if you use their add online, the cost is only Php 100.

It’s possible to start with a cheap plan first, and then upgrade later when needed. For me, the lean approach is to only upgrade until your number of visitors are increasing.

Overall, what I like is the security aspect, and the ease of speed that I’m able to create a new WordPress site, especially if you’re just starting out with WordPress hosting.

It’s an amazing service from Japan, and we know Japanese products are all about quality. If you are hosting comes with security needs and is for a business, their expert support will help you choose the right plan for you.

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