Thoughts on the Start-up Korean drama

While a lot of people would say they loved the series, they learned about startup terms as well which helps most people learn what startups are about. The show shares about terms like valuation, dilution, pitching, and how startups in general work.

The author didn’t like certain things it portrayed about startups. First of all, the romanticizing of startups. This is of course how the media would like to portray startups. Just showcase the successes, leave the news of failures because everybody should just keep positive, right? Unfortunately, that’s the wrong notion to push about startups.

However, the good thing is that they did try to show the pressure in startups sometimes leading one to depression. There can be several reasons as to why one would get pressured in startups, one of which is the pressure to be successful.

Startups are an all-or-nothing endeavor. It’s either you win or you lose, there are no half successes. The market decides whether your product is for them or maybe it’s too ahead of its time.

For me, the romantic side of the K-drama changed the tone of the series, but it is forgivable because that’s why it is a K-drama. It seems they tried to keep the romance a little light because they probably wanted love to just be a side-story.

Overall, watching it was entertaining and the audience hopefully learned a thing or two about startups. Personally, there’s a lot more about startups that the filmmaker could have put into the show, but since it’s a K-drama – that is fine.

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