Top coding bootcamps in the Philippines

There are only a few coding bootcamps in the Philippines – Zuitt, AvionSchool, and Uplift Code camp.

There’s a lesser known one that’s focused on teaching Data Science – Eskwelabs, which I’ll check out in the future. Data Science is part coding so I don’t consider it a coding bootcamp. There also lesser-known ones that aren’t yet big enough but to me, these are the ones that are most prominent.

Avion School

Avion School (quite tacky) promises to make one into a software developer in about 3 months (12 weeks). They teach NodeJS, React, Ruby on Rails and Frontend Web Development using Javascript. They offer a Pay when you get income where you share a portion of your salary back to Avion School. They also have partnered with startup companies such as Kalibrr, Prosperna, and PayMongo. This is great as their graduates can be have better job opportunities and hopefully get that offer!

The name seems to allude to reaching new heights for their graduates, and the author expects graduates from the school’s graduates to be featured in startup companies, which is a big plus.


They are a start-up offering coding bootcamps with a study-now-pay-later scheme. Originally, it was named Tuitt, and was formed by RareJob heads Shem, Tom, and Alli. They want to equip passionate individuals with the necessary skills in order to land great jobs and launch awesome careers. They teach web development and the course is about 2 months long.

The author heard the last part of the course is a finals project where you are expected to create a web-based product to showcase what you have learned. They also mostly taught PHP, Laravel, Javascript but have expanded their curriculum to include NodeJS and React.

Being one of the first bootcamps (they’ve been operating since 2016), they have the most experience in teaching students in the Philippines using the bootcamp style.

Uplift Code Camp

¬†Uplift Code Camp’s mission is to make the Filipino tech talent globally competitive through comprehensive coding camps. They have a 4-month code camp and while it isn’t clear at first that it’s a paid bootcamp (the author feels, their company sound like mentorship), after digging in to their website, the author came across the page about the Weekday Bootcamp. They seem to have several flexible payment options and offer a scholarship to deserving students.
Based on their curriculum page, they have a more comprehensive curriculum designed to ensure you know both the theory and the application. They also have part-time weekend courses which allows working students and professionals the opportunity to take on a class on the side to up-skill.

It also looks like they are all extremely passionate about their mission, based on their social media activity and are all topnotch instructors. The founders come from the University of the Philippines, a highly-regarded university from which some of our country’s top leaders graduated from. They also have a Youtube channel where they have some tutorials and talk more about their code camp.

The technology coding bootcamp landscape is growing faster than ever, with IT and web development becoming so competitive. I hope everyone enjoyed this quick review of top coding schools in the Philippines. While everyone can just join a coding bootcamps and code, honestly the rest of the industry (where having a university degree is all that seems to matter) needs to change their perspective as more people graduate from these coding bootcamps and look for jobs.

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