Top coding bootcamps in the Philippines

There are only a few coding bootcamps in the Philippines – Zuitt, AvionSchool, and Uplift Code camp. Avion School Avion School promises to make one into a software developer in about 3 months (12 weeks). They teach NodeJS, React, Ruby on Rails and Frontend Web Development using Javascript. They offer a Pay when you get…


Thoughts on the Start-up Korean drama

While a lot of people would say they loved the series, they learned about startup terms as well which helps most people learn what startups are about. The show shares about terms like valuation, dilution, pitching, and how startups in general work. The author didn’t like certain things it portrayed about startups. First of all,…

Cloud Hosting

A hosting review

I got a hosting package from, and wanted to check how WordPress can easily be installed on, and it was very easy to do . Within a few clicks after just filling up a form for the account details, in a few minutes my WordPress site was up and running on a subdomain….


Welcome to Joe’s Tech Blog

Hello and Happy New Year 2021! I started this tech blog for reviewing technology products, share ideas on technology, and do my blogging. Keep posted on this blog where I will write about the latest tech trends, sharing my experience and knowledge about technology, and share my two cents on everything from web development, computer…